Bring Danny Home

    The campaign Image shows my cousin Danny 59 years old in a nursing home who started to cry when I arrived to visit with him. Having suffered his second stroke he wound up going from one facility to another. He is originally from San Antonio, Texas where he was born and raised. Even though we are cousins we grew up in the same family as brothers. I do consider him my brother. When he initially had his second stroke due to having missed two days of Dialysis he was admitted and discharged from the hospital and transferred to a skilled nursing facility here in San Antonio. When they could not care for him any longer, he was then transferred to another facility in Katy, Texas...without notice, without family consent. He spent a few months in Katy and again without notice nor family consent he was transferred to a nursing home in Brownsville, Texas, a five-hour drive from home. The Campaign Image shows my first visit to him. Very emotional! He is now in another facility in Houston, Texas transferred there from Brownsville, Texas. I just learned last night that he was admitted to the hospital there in Houston. All this is happening because we cannot find a facility here in San Antonio that does "In-House Dialysis". He has a Trach which makes it very difficult for a Dialysis center to accept him to dialyze him. Without the Trach, we can now bring him home and provide care for him here locally. The money I want to raise here is to personally hire a Respiratory Therapist to accompany him during his Dialysis visits to perform the suctioning as needed. Otherwise, he will not be accepted at the dialysis clinic. Danny is critically ill and needs around the clock care but we as his family want to make sure the care is continued here at home where he can see his family by his side. We believe that he will heal quicker if he sees his family with him. Prayer: Heavenly Father we believe your presence, your love, your guidance, your grace, your mercy, your protection Father God and your everlasting wisdom. We believe in your healing miracles and we pray that your lay your hands on my brother Danny for a healing miracle in his life. Touch his heart and fill his heart with the anointing of your Holy Spirit for a speedy recovery. This and all we pray in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

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