What can I raise funds for?

What is Crowd Funding?

How do I start?

Can I change my username?

Is the username part of my replicated site?

What countries is this available in?

Is Crowd Funding legal?

Is this considered taxable income?

What currency are the membership fees and the donations in?

What are the fees?

What are the different Donation Grid levels?

How does it work?

What is a Grid?

Can I join multiple grids?

What happens if I, or someone in a Grid does not pay their donations?

Once I have agreed to send a donation, how much time to I have to send it?

Am I allowed to have multiple memberships or multiple positions?

What happens when I have a completed a Grid?

Do I need to qualify to receive donations?

How can I upgrade to the next Grid level?

I'm due to pay a donation to someone I don't know, is that correct?

What happens if I invite somebody who comes in at higher Donation Grid levels than I am in?

Is Impact101 a MLM company?